Our Programs

Our programs focus on empowering clients to discover new tools and skills which can help in
living a happier, healthier, and more meaningful life.

At Stable Connections we provide quality mental health therapy, educational learning, character and life skill development, and therapeutic riding.
From equine assisted therapy and learning, to corporate team building and private riding programs, we’ve got something for everyone!

Program Options

Equine Assisted Learning is an excellent way to experience the benefits of our program for those not requiring therapy. Our Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program is ideal for clients with ADHD, anxiety, behavioral disorders, chemical dependency, depression, grief, PTSD and other mental health or relationship issues.


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Using horses, we help your team understand roles, develop leadership, learn problem solving and communication skills, and much more.


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Our Therapeutic Horsemanship Riding program gives clients an opportunity to use fine and gross motor skills simultaneously to complete tasks developed in coordination with individual therapeutic goals.


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Stable Connections also offers Traditional Horsemanship Riding for beginners to advance riders. We offer both english and western riding disciplines.


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How It Works

  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and Learning (EAL) provides an empowering environment for clients to change destructive behaviors
  • EAP/EAL are not an office-based therapy. The clients participate in on-the-ground activities with the horses and they process what happened, their thoughts, behaviors, and patterns
  • Clients try our new behaviors and approaches with instant feedback and support
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