A Day at Stable Connections, by Ed Hermenau

On Tuesday July 16, 2019 I had the pleasure of spending the day with Karen Guile-Caron, the Executive Director and founder of Stable Connections, an Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning Facility in Guildhall,¬†Vermont. I have known Karen for a number of years, and have always been curious as to the services that she provides and the special people that she […] Continue Reading

The Positive Effects of Therapeutic Riding

Here is a paper submitted by Stable Connections Stable Manager, Avi Challinor on the advantages of Therapeutic Riding. Many thanks to Avi for her permission to reprint her paper. Hello, my name is Aviara Challinor and I am from the Spartans FCCLA in Whitefield, NH. Today I will be telling you about how can we help communicate to the disabled. […] Continue Reading