The Equine Team at Stable Connections

Our horses are an integral part of our team at Stable Connections.

We actually do very little talking during our sessions. Instead, our facilitating team lets our clients interact with the horses. Horses are naturally great mirrors! They reflect back a client’s behaviors, and true changes and results occur when clients realize they have the power to change themselves and therefore the world around them.

Stable Connections Staff Photo


Daisy is a fourteen-year old Belgian/Quarter horse mare that we like to call the Big Daisy (she is 1,100 pounds). Daisy is a veteran of the EAP/EAL program and also has experience working with our Veterans. She primarily works one-on-one and is learning to encourage clients to speak from the heart.

Stable Connections Staff Photo


Mell is a 24-year old Morgan mare donated by friends in Guildhall and has become one of the favorite horses to ride. She has a great personality, a wonderful trot and loves the attention she receives from her riders.

Stable Connections Staff Photo


Fiona is a 30-year old Fjord horse, donated to Stable Connections in 2017. Her small but sturdy stature makes her perfect for our therapeutic riding clients and her calm disposition works great with children and adults with autism.

Stable Connections Staff Photo


Dream is a 20-year old registered Quarter Horse Paint mare. She is very sensitive to the emotions of our clients. When necessary, Dream will step in to assist when others can’t get through to our clients.

Stable Connections Staff Photo


Kopper is a 22-year old Fox trotter who joined the Stable Connections team from great friends in Stowe. She is the “go to horse” for children with severe physical disabilities. She stands patiently as we use the mounting station to get the student on, which sometimes will take ten minutes. Kopper is a great addition to our team.

Stable Connections Staff Photo


Dixie is a 27-year old Morgan mare, donated to Stable Connections in 2017. She has a sweet disposition and works often with our children and Veterans. Check out our “Boots to Spurs” page to see Dixie in action!