One of our most popular offerings, “Circle the Wagons”, is a combination of several programs, consisting of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy,  Equine Assisted Learning and therapeutic horsemanship. We have found that alternating days, with sessions lasting two to three hours, have proven to be very effective. An additional one hour EAP session/week will be billed directly to the client’s insurance. Alternately, we can tailor our program hours to suit the client’s schedule if needed, but a consistent weekly schedule will achieve the best overall results.

“Circle the Wagons”, is an exclusive program designed by our Executive Director, Karen Guile-Caron. In over forty-five years of working with horses in the state of Vermont, Karen has seen that building confidence, trust, respect and forming a bond with horses is the best therapy. As a result, clients participating in Circle the Wagons bring these lessons to their day to day lives, all the while enjoying fun and engaging activities with the horses.

“Circle the Wagons”
Program Cost

   Hours/week                   8 weeks                      10 week

Two hours                      $640                           $800
Four hours                     $1,200                       $1,500
Six hours                        $1,525                        $1,900
Eight hours                    $2,000                      $2,400