One of our most popular offerings, called “Circle the Wagons”. It is a combination of several programs, consisting of EAP,  EAL and therapeutic horsemanship. We have found that alternating days, with sessions lasting two- three hours, have proven to be very effective. An additional one hour EAP session/week will be billed directly to the client’s insurance. Alternately, we can tailor our program hours to suit the client’s schedule if needed, but we feel a consistent weekly schedule will achieve the best overall results.

“Circle the Wagons”, is an exclusive program designed by our Executive Director, Karen Guile-Caron from over forty-five years of working with horses in and around the state of Vermont. Her approach is different than most equine facilities, as she believes in building confidence, trust, respect and a bond that helps clients in their day to day lives, all the while enjoying fun and engaging activities with the horses.

“Circle the Wagons”
Program Cost

   Hours/week                   8 weeks                      10 week

Two hours                      $640                           $800
Four hours                     $1,200                       $1,500
Six hours                        $1,525                        $1,900
Eight hours                    $2,000                      $2,400