We have become the forever home for nine horses, with seven of those horses donated to the program from various community members. As each new recruit arrived, they quickly became buddies with the other members of the herd as well as taking a place in our hearts. Most of these donated horses have been on the older side of life, and fortunately did not require additional veterinary care … that is until now.

Our sweet “Fiona the Fjord” came to us in June 2017, fitting seamlessly in to our programs. She excelled in her work and had a great year working with her clients, quickly becoming the “sweetheart” of the barn.
This winter was tough on all of us, but especially for our Fiona. Her feed was continually adjusted to compensate for her inability to chew correctly, and try as we might, things didn’t seem to improve. We called our favorite Veterinary Clinic to perform a full blood panel to rule out any serious diseases, with the results requiring that Fiona start a regimen of medications that she will be on for the rest of her life.

We need assistance from our friends and supporters to help us meet this additional cost to our program. Donations of any amount will help us provide the medication and loving care Fiona needs to complete her rehabilitation, and even a small donation can make a big difference for Fiona and Stable Connections.



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